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Your window on the world

Alayne's front yard

Sometimes just changing a window improves the energy flow of a house.

On a new house project, the architectural plan called for the placement of a horizontal unit fairly high on the wall above the midway stair landing. This layout provided no exterior view at either the base of the stairs or at the landing.

I felt that this was a missed opportunity.

Fortunately the owner trusted me to make the best call. We made a few changes to the plan and got the windows right throughout the building. How cool.

Stairways are powerful conduits of chi within a home.

Our bodies react naturally to the flow of activity; as we go up the stairs, as we go down the stairs, we look outwardly. It is our window on the world – standing at the entry foyer and on the upstairs landing.

Alayne's stair window

It was the right decision!

The client said,

“Oh, that window.

It gives me such pleasure every day.”