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When in doubt, go higher.

Nick and I are a complementary team here at The Healing Home. Nick designs in the concrete/material world and I create in the electronic/graphic world. He composes the essays; I edit them while preserving his passion and creative expression; and I add imagery from our collective resources to illustrate. But today, this page is my own.

This New Year is full of possibilities! Our move westward in the spring of 2013 was a huge leap of faith in many ways – a rebirth for us – in our relationship as well as our careers, requiring trust that our adaptability and creativity would carry us into the next chapter.

Sometimes though, it is not easy to forge ahead – my legs get all wobbly and my stomach full of butterflies.

It was one of those times, years ago, when a mantra came into my life by way of a card. Back in 2006, a loved one (so dear to me) tore this illustration from a magazine and penned this note:

Sometimes I feel just like the girl on the bike… full of doubt – yet, also filled with an uncanny instinct to climb up high somewhere, just for the view. It is refreshing to see from above – the air is so clear! So crisp! So sweet I could drink it!

And I do! Big lungfulls that fill my chest and make me light-headed, giddy, and ready for anything. When you are feeling better, go find a hill to climb and see what you can see. Oh! How I love you!

When in doubt, go higher.

At the time I fretted over this image. Why is she headed perilously downward when the message says to go up? Hesitant to heed its call I worried – how does one find the courage to push off? Feet OFF the brakes? Hurling downward with no bottom in sight? How deep does it go? Only to climb again to face an uncertain future?

But, of course. That is the point.

The road ahead may dip precariously and we may fall out of step. It may be exhaustingly difficult. But the opportunity to lift off, to claim that vista, to find that moment of closeness and calm, draws me forward. I hold on and trust that it is truly worth the ride.

As I look ahead to this New Year, I now see magnificent mountains. I inhale big lungfulls of air that fill my chest and make me light-headed. I climb the hill to see what I can see.

Happy New Year, fellow Travelers. May your home be a healing space – enriched by loved ones with whom you share your fragile hopes and fears, find intimate guidance and inspiration. I surely want you by my side. Your love, your wisdom, your strength, and your encouragement mean the world to me.

– Anne