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Waking up to a new world

Provocateur that I am, I often ask my younger friends how they cope with the current state of the world. Are they despondent? Paralyzed? Often thoughtful and concerned, they respond with vitality and my faith is renewed.

I offer my perspective: Solutions to the problems we face will come from creative spirit, creative intentions, and creative actions. Focusing our thoughts and desires to build a positive outcome will create that outcome. It is a question of attraction.

The following is an excerpt from Jill Mara’s extraordinary channeled book, Keys to Soul Evolution,  A Gateway to the Next Dimension:

The Imagination is your most amazing tool and yet it has been the least used to any great effect. Those in your culture who have managed to free their imaginations and follow the paths that they have been led to with their visions, have seen greatness in many capacities. All creativity begins with the imagination. One can only get beyond the standard way of viewing anything by stretching his or her imagination. This is easier said than done for most human beings, as they have been terribly programmed to see reality with limitations. These limits have been energized in the field of your planet, and therefore are strong vibrations to break away from. It is not just that you were taught certain things and only see them, it is that what has been taught has a life of its own, and is easy for unconscious thinkers to plug into and perpetuate.

So indulge me as I ask a BIG question: “What kind of planet do you want to live on?”

Posing a BIG question is similar to opening a window: it creates the opportunity for fresh air to flow in and for a fresh answer to emerge. Be careful not to close the window before the energy arrives: patience is key to finding solutions.

I use a pendulum to “dowse” for energy streams. Holding a small, chain-hung, pointed stone or crystal above an object, I calm my mind and my breath and pose a question. I send it out onto the universal light grid, and then I allow the potential positive or negative energy state to manifest as the crystal moves either clockwise (positive) or counterclockwise (negative) in response.

Holding my pendulum above this essay, I ask, “Will this broadcast reach its intended audience?” I see the stone immediately and significantly move clockwise. I also get a “charge” – a rush of energy up my spine.

Keys to Soul Evolution tells us that creative energy comes from the universal source, and it is unlimited:

In the same way that you are connected to the creators of this universe, you are also an inherent aspect of the creator of all that is, which is the source of all consciousness, has no beginning and no end, and is always moving toward ultimate creation. This is a motivated and driving force that causes all creation, and is the essence of the urge in all beings to further themselves and to become closer to the core of that which creates with ease and effortlessness. As you get closer to understanding the superconductivity of all, you become more able as a creative force and closer to the essence of your source, and its behaviors in facilitating creation in its multitude of forms.

When we seek answers coming from a place of balance, we let the unlimited creative flow of universal energy move through us and we get the correct response for that particular moment in time.

By probing my young friends to realize how important their choices are, I am really just dowsing in the universal sea of all Potential Outcomes. When I listen to them, I know that they are deeply thoughtful –  love life, share with each other, and care for Mother Earth.

And, many of them love to dance the night away! Sounds like a pretty good planetary vision to me!