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The Water Gods

The night before the flood of 2013, I had a hard time sleeping. It had already been raining for days; then that night, it really poured. Unlike east coast storms, there was little or no wind – “just” a deluge. The average rainfall for Boulder County is about 18 inches per year; in that week alone we had 16.8!

Many times in my career as a house builder I have stayed awake at night listening to the pounding rain, worrying about tarps blowing off second story additions, or water rising under the new footing of a house we were setting close to a wetland’s edge. These worries come with the territory.

I have lain awake praying to the Water Gods – waking up early to go look at that hole in the ground, bringing the pumps with me to clear that hole so the footings would not be undermined by the erosive, powerful impact of running water.

We have been in Colorado for four months now. Unfortunately, I left three powerful pumps back east; also, the hoses and grounded electrical cords. I thought that “drought” was the issue in Colorado …

The nature of water

During these times of rising Earth pulse energy, the “exception” is the rule (meaning, you can’t count on the ways things “used to be”). What does this event mean? The Earth is speaking. Are we listening?

I wake up in the middle of the night and pray for the rain to stop. Prayers are not enough to stem the tide, but I do it anyway.

The work of Dr. Masaru Emoto is an intriguing and provocative premise for anyone willing to contemplate H2O as a conscious and responsive entity. Say what??? Emoto suggests that:

… our intent (thoughts), words, ideas and music have a profound healing or destructive effect on the water

Dr. Emoto photographed water crystals as they were forming under various intentional influences. He used water samples from a wide variety of locations. The qualities and perfection of the crystals from, say, a polluted river or a pristine mountain stream expose the obvious: water holds and expresses the energy it absorbs.

We are water and Mother Earth is a water body. Take a look at Emoto’s photos of water crystals.

In my construction worldview, appeasing the Water Gods requires both prayer and practicality.

When I build in wet areas I drain from the lowest footing area, to the finer water-drinking roots of the landscape plantings, and to the fast flowing roof edge. And, sometimes, we pump water away – before, during, and after, the house is built. It is an active and personal relationship.

Late at night, the drumming of the Water Tribe can be heard. They are listening to your prayers.

Are you loosing sleep?
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