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The Onion Peel

The onion peel

Let’s call 2013 “The Year of the Onion.”

Layers of old, useless, heavy, baggage are being released on every level. The peeling away process acknowledges the opportunity to let go of the ties that bind.

On the gross physical level …

Releasing the old means taking a good look at the possessions we have accumulated in the course of our lives and unleash what no longer serves us. Send it off on craigslist, donate it to Goodwill, or place it on the street with a “FREE” sign attached.

The Plains Indians called this sharing/recycling of tribal wealth a “potlatch”. It was a way to avoid the hording of the limited resources of the tribe and it generally happened yearly as a type of spring-cleaning.

While staying in San Francisco during one of my west coast trips in the 70’s, I walked the streets with my friend Stuart while he picked through the weekly piles of giveaway stuff looking for esoteric books. We parked his VW bug with the slipping clutch, set up his collapsible shopping cart, and started walking. Stuart eventually amassed an amazing collection of thousands of books on subjects ranging from astrology to Zoroastrianism just by searching through stuff no one wanted or needed any longer. How cool!

On the emotional level …

We carry our negative and traumatic experiences far longer than they ultimately serve us. The karmic system of learning allows us to repeat the same challenge over and over until we learn the lessons demonstrated. An important component of this system is the ability to release ourselves from the endless cycling of old programs of fear, guilt, shame, anger, jealousy, pain.

In many ways these programs dampen down our essential light body – limiting its full expression. So take a metagorical* trip inside the closet of your emotional history and see which pieces of clothing no longer serve the “you” of today and obstruct your future potential.

On the mental level …

Our hard drives are loaded with outdated ideas and concepts about how the universe really works.

Any limit we place on the creative side of self-expression downgrades the energy of opportunity. Simple statements such as, “I will always be bad at math” or “I have no friends” perpetuate limiting programs. Our power as creators is only limited by our power as creators. Double speak? Hardly.

We have been given margins, preset by all sorts of societal conditioning. Can’t fly? History is loaded with examples of yogis and shaman defying gravity. Even the act of a high jumper or slam dunker is outrageously, unbelievably, anti-gravity.

The onion layers imposed through social conditioning cover the entire gamut of human experience. The next time you encounter a limiting thought that impedes an event or goal you want to accomplish, peel it away and virtually place it in the trash can on the desktop. It could take a few times to get over the hurdle – but believe me, you can do it!

The spiritual level actually requires no cleaning at all … just affirmation.

Our essential core energy is pure and true and interconnected with all existence. Big idea, but true. As you recondition your physical, emotional, and mental bodies by releasing outmoded, limiting programs, the spiritual self comes barreling through and our inner light begins to shine as it was always meant to.

The affirmation “I am a spiritual being having a physical experience” sums up the flow of creative God Force Energy – Spirit through Mind into Body.

Peeling away the layers of the onion of our soul is like sitting in a hot spring and scrubbing with a loofa to reveal the new skin that is waiting to emerge!

The universe waits patiently for the emergence of the light of the Human Spirit. Through the upward motion of the new Kali Yuga, we have the opportunity to join the great clean out that is happening on this beautiful Earth we are living on.

This is a waveform we can catch and ride. We are the Surfers of the Endless Summer of Opportunity!

Cowabunga Dude!


* new word

  1. Richdkoi1 #

    I’m surfing right along side you buddy, and what a great wave it is.

    January 27, 2013
  2. CherylS #

    Wonderful entry on a wonderful website!  What a great msg on a gray winter’s day, and I love your new word as well.

    January 25, 2013
    • Nicholas #

      Hi Sweetheart, Great to have you in my life. I am chewing on how we might work together going forward. The wheels of destiny turn fine and true! Nick

      January 26, 2013

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