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Sesame OilSesame Oil

The Ayurvedic healing system is at least 8000 years old. Since it is a deeply philosophic approach to living in balance with nature, the root knowledge is even older than that.

Panchakarma, the physical therapy side of the healing system uses warm blended oils and herbs or buttermilk (depending on your body type) in massage to detoxify or cleanse the body. Panchakarma strengthens the body functions to create wellness. One unique stress reduction therapy of Shirodhara/Takradhara is an oil drip on the forehead, which soothes and calms the nervous system, improves blood circulation to the brain, releases stress and tension and nourishes the scalp and the hair.

I experienced the powerful support of a sesame oil treatment while doing personal rejuvenation therapies with the Ayurvedic Institute in Fairfield, Connecticut. They offer unique blends of programs for individualized needs to treat conditions and symptoms, as well as therapies to maintain health.

The great naturopath doctor Majid Ali recommends using raw organic sesame oil as a mouth rinse every day. It cleans out the microbial load on the teeth, gums, and tongue, reducing inflammation and supporting all sorts of trickle down health benefits. The link between oral health and cardiovascular health is indisputable.

Sesame oil, when massaged into the skin penetrates all the way to bone marrow and is absorbed into the epidermal cell membranes making them resilient and osmotic.

Sesame oil is a great source of Vitamin E, so think of this as a way of feeding your cells and supporting circulatory health at the same time. After your shower or upon awakening give yourself a body massage with sesame oil. A little goes a long way. For a mouthwash, swish a half-teaspoon for two minutes, then rinse with warm water, do not swallow.

Sesame oil is anti-microbial and ph balancing on your skin and has pain relieving properties as well.

I buy raw and cosmetic grade sesame oil from the Youthing Strategies.

One more thing … I offer this information in the interest of health. It is based on my own research and experience. I am not a doctor. 

Herb Pharm – "Herbal Ed's Salve"Herb Pharm Original Salve

The company Herb Pharm from Oregon is one of the pre-eminent growers and producers of organic herbs and herbal preparations.

One of their unique products is Herb Pharm Original Salve. It is used as a first aid ointment on minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. If you apply it immediately after a scald or burn, the healing outcome is marvelously expedited. It contains extracts of calendula, mullein, comfrey, and St. John’s Wort in a base of olive oil, beeswax, and bee propolis.

The packaging, in the form of a small metal screw top container keeps the salve fresh for years and it travels well. Because a small fingertip application coats the wound, this product lasts a long time and makes it a good value.



Looking Deeply into the Heart of Iris

Photo by David Philpot

Flower Power to the rescue!

“Health depends on being in harmony with our souls.”

– Dr. Edward Bach

The healing potential of Flower Essences offers us the opportunity to balance and release emotional limits and trauma. Within our family, we have benefited from them for many years. In my work, I offer them to receptive clients to smooth out the difficulties of living through a remodeling project.

It would take volumes to present a comprehensive view of these wonderful remedies, which I will not attempt to explain in depth. But VERY basically, the flower, herb and mineral kingdoms hold resonance patterns, that when suspended blend perfectly with the needs of the human spirit. Think of these remedies as allies in your quest for growth and balance.

Here are two sources you may investigate if you are interested:

The Bach Flower Essences (pronounced “Batch”) were developed in the early 1900s by Dr. Edward Bach, M. B., B.S., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., D.P.H., a Physician and Homeopath, who spent his life searching for the purest methods of healing. Prepared from non-poisonous wild flowers, their purpose is to achieve a balance between the mind, body and spirit, gently correcting the emotional upsets that give rise to physical symptoms or delay recovery from illness.

The Flower Essence Society (FES) is an international membership organization of health practitioners, researchers, students, and others interested in deepening knowledge of flower essence therapy. Founded in 1979 by Richard Katz. Since 1980, FES has been co-directed by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz, who are married and professional partners. These good folks produce by hand a wide variety of essences.


Cell towerProducts to offset excessive electromagnetic stimulation

Our bodies are a massively complex series of subtle electromagnetic energy exchanges. We could not function biochemically without them. Even a small shift in brain electrochemistry can be devastating to our health. The molecules of nutrition could not pass the cell membrane without ionic potential, the sharing of electrons.

Looking at the neurological structure, search Alex Gray for his painting of this, it seems that we are very structurally similar to an antenna, a receiving and broadcasting station. The touch of someone’s hand on our arm ignites a stream of signals to the brain which in turn sends signals, as neurological messaging, back to the person touching us.

Our atmosphere is saturated with highly charged signals of all sorts of messaging, such as, cell phones, TV broadcasts, microwave bursts, solar radiation, earth magnetic pulsing. Our biological antenna receives all of these charged signals. In the not so recent past, there were far fewer broadcasts.

Now, we live in an electromagnetic fog often placing very powerful magnets and amplifiers right next to our brains – your cell phone. This affects the highly sensitive brain chemistry. We spend countless hours in front of the powerful field of our computers as well. The long-term effect of this bombardment is unknown; but it could be devastating.

Q-link – Clarus InstituteThe Clarus Company, makers of the Q-link products, has developed microcircuit wearable biofield balancing devices. I have worn the SRT 2 and 3 necklaces for years and can attest to their effectiveness in calming the static build-up from these electromagnetic assaults.


There are also a company called EarthCalm that produces whole house electromagnetic field protection devices.

Do the research and form your own opinion.

There are other ways to release/reduce charge build-up, such as, walking in the negative ion field of the seashore; walking barefoot in the grass, putting your feet in a woodland stream, even just walking in nature.

Clearly, staying balanced is always the path to abundant health.

Joanna Budwig

The work of Dr. Joanna Budwig

Joanna Budwig (pronounced “Bood-wig”) developed a treatment for cancer and many metabolic diseases before World War II.

A German biochemist, she discovered that amazingly important relationship between cell membrane health and all health in general. Using a simple system of cottage cheese and flax-seed oil, vegetarian diet, clean air and relaxation techniques, she pioneered a “natural” system of detoxification and cell building that had, in its day, a remarkable success rate in cancer cures, especially breast cancer.

During her career, she was persistently targeted by mainstream medical authorities, and challenged both in court and in academic circles.

The simple premise remains. When you allow the sulfur in the cottage cheese to make the Omega 3s in the flax-seed oil water-soluble, they provide cell development with the perfect resource to make osmotic cell membranes allowing easy transport of nutrition in and waste product out.

If I have piqued your interest, go to to read her fascinating story and check out the links to some very interesting health and healing information.


More to come … check back again!