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In the shamanic tradition, the Warrior/Healer carries a Medicine Bag at his/her side which is filled with amulets, potions, and power objects to aid in facing the challenges of life. Creativity drives the human spirit! There is nothing like an inspiring book or a good soundtrack!


Linda Hogan, writerLinda Hogan,
Chickasaw poet, essayist, novelist, naturalist

Native American author Linda Hogan is a national treasure.

While cruising a bookstore in the mid-90’s I came upon her collection of essays: Dwellings, A Spiritual History of the Living World. At the time I was going through some big changes and this book helped me, reminded me, of my commitment to the naturalist’s path. Easily read and appreciated, Linda Hogan takes us into her world of Earth knowledge and Native American tradition. She is truly one of a kind.

Her novel Solar Storms is a mystical feminist journey – part reality, and part fantasy. We follow the protagonist Angel on her journey through known and unknown landscapes. I know of no other work of fiction that deals with the intimacy of a troubled young woman’s path to adulthood and the great Diaspora of the Native American soul in so profound a way. Read it!



Bruce Cockburn, MusicianBruce Cockburn,
poet, musician

The career of musician Bruce Cockburn (pronounced Ko-burn), the great folk-rock-guitarist-poet) from Canada, spans at least four decades. He has been around since the summer of love, and the acid-dropping Merry Pranksters left San Francisco for points east.

The great troubadours of pop music are poets first, scratching their to be-come lyrics on scraps of paper, late at night after everyone has gone to sleep. Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Kurt Cobain come to mind. Some survived, some did not.

Bruce is still here to give us powerful political and spiritual folk-rock poems. His album Breakfast in New Orleans, which I consider to be his finest work, could be a top ten of all time.

Many of us define our lives by the music of our youth. Think Bic lighters at an Aerosmith concert. Good times, great party! Or the jam band mini-Woodstocks of the current generation, one epic trance-dance ecstasy after another.

Listen to Bruce’s song Look How Far the Light Came. You may understand how some music breaks through to a timeless zone – delivering big imagery, sonic power, and poetic meaning. No drugs needed.

Thanks Bruce!


More to come … check back!