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Community building

How do you define community? How do you create meaningful relationships? What do you care about? We will post ideas relating to these questions – questions that must be asked!



Bill McKibbonDoing the good work:

Bill McKibben is an eco-warrior, an environmentalist, an educator, an author.

In February 2013 he was arrested at the White House for protesting the XL Pipeline. He was arrested and handcuffed along with almost 50 other protesters to implore Barack Obama to put his money where his mouth is – and do something about the issue of climate change.

Stop the Tar Sands Pipeline NOW!

Just the excavations and preparation of the material for transport to this location is an ecological disaster potentially poisoning vast tracks of Canadian wilderness.

Bill’s organization,, is a global initiative to raise the awareness of the social and political systems of the human race to the immanent threat of a carbon-based environmental disaster. The 350 part of the organization’s name refers to (what Bill and a worldwide group of climate change scientists believe to be) the point beyond which, when 350 parts per million of atmospheric carbon dioxide is reached, global climate change becomes the norm and not just a hypothesis.

In fact, we are well beyond that number now. Visions of icecaps melting, glaciers receding, and catastrophic weather saturate the news media of today.

Bill first wrote about this pattern and potential outcome in 1989! And he is still on the front line of the movement! Bravo!

Check out his 1989 book, The End of Nature and his 2010 book Eaarth for a hard, yet enlightened look at the truth surrounding how we got into this mess and what we can do about it now and in the future.