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The Little Red House – design/build in action

Our clients are savvy and organized. Val and Ross had previous experience with residential and commercial remodeling. They had a pretty good idea of what they wanted to accomplish, a concrete timetable, and an idea of how much they wanted to spend. They had interviewed several design/build companies and decided to go with me. It was a good fit all around.

After several meetings exploring ideas and possible budgets, we had the scope of the project nailed down. In the design/build process we save a lot of time and expense because the builder is on board from the start and can begin building as soon as a permit is received.

Local building departments often require an engineer’s stamp on the plans, so we hired Carl Mezoff to review the zoning stipulations and to draw the structural components of my design. Carl and I have worked together many times; he understood that we needed only the basic details, enough to get approval, and no more. This saves significant time over the typical architectural process.

While Carl was drawing, Valerie and I researched and ordered the items that required a longer lead-time, such as special order windows and the custom-built tub from England.

In the meantime, we began some of the labor that did not require a permit, such as tearing out the old radiators, a kitchen built-in, etc. More time saved here as well.

The promised delivery of a comprehensive design package with cost savings, plus efficient time management, make the design/build process worthwhile.

This project was featured in the July/August 2013 issue of Ridgefield Magazine.

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A carving of a reclining Buddha

A wood carving adorns a wall in The Little Red House.

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