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The Highest Potential Good for All

The Yin and the Yang

The Dark and the Light

Swirl around each other

Generating the power to move

From one place to another

From lower to higher

Mind over matter

The Truth shall set you free (even though you already are)

Let the dance begin!


The Earth is an extraordinarily complex scene of contrasts these days.

It is important to pay attention to – but not be swallowed up by – all the dark stuff floating around you.


Walking around the man-made lake near our new home in Colorado, my East Coast sensitivities are challenged by the new environment.

We just had (for this climate zone) a fair amount of rain. The distant views of prairie and mountain are filled with dynamic moisture-related energy. Far off towards the Front Range, I can see what looks like smoke … but I realize it is a very powerful evaporation cloud. The land is sending the water back up to the clouds – negative rain after positive rain.

Though it is nearing dusk, the sun is up behind the clouds drawing moisture skyward; the huge engine of positive/negative potential that is creating the dark thunderstorms off in the distance. On the East Coast we would be running for cover from this approaching storm; but these clouds only precipitate as a gentle rain, large droplets barely wetting the ground, dappling the lake surface.

As we walk, I notice that the recent watering has precipitated other more subtle changes in the environment. It has been quite dry of late, 20% humidity at most, and the contrast today is stark. I notice the moisture is pushing blooms out of plants that just yesterday seemed dry and brittle, the buds now oozing oils and aromas.

I now live on the prairie where, until just recently in geophysical time, only grasses grew with the occasional cottonwood tree and riparian vegetation thriving in the on-again, off-again water of the arroyos, streams, and washes. Many of the plants here are invasive species responding to niches created by destructive human endeavors. The power of adaptation and opportunity drives the life force. These plants lay semi-dormant in the dry soil waiting for the rains to come.

We saw small frogs hopping across our path. I have read in esoteric tomes, that frogs have trans-dimensional powers. In Peter Weir’s ominous masterpiece, “The Wave,” there is imagery of frogs raining down on the dry soil of the outback,

flowing through a crack in the veil of time …

Yesterday they were just tiny amphibians awakened by the relatively strong downpour.

Wake up little froggies!

Nature has many alarm clock settings on her majestic hard drive. The volunteer plants of these semi arid zones respond to her signal, drawing the power of water up into the stems and out into the daylight like a second springtime energy.

While the dark clouds and thunder of change rumble across the Planet, we humans – emotional beings that we are – hear the alarming cries, feel the power of change raining on the prairies of our soul’s roots.


Oh Great Dark Thunder Gods,

Lightning arrows pierce my flesh.

The times bring the rains of change

dormant in the sweet hollows of my bones.

I drink from the ground at my feet

Knowing the terrible wonder of it all

Doing my best to blossom in this season of change.