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The energy of our homes

Small green leafy friends in my yard.

The energy of our homes is the energy of ourselves.

This is not “energy” as in petrochemical propulsion but rather a subtle flow of natural force. The eastern philosophies call it “prana” or “chi”.

How we shape space in architecture determines the direction and possible amplification of this subtle force. All life lives in this sea of chi. The ebb and flow of nature’s rhythms coupled with the vast cosmic alignment of the universe create the energetic patterns we live within.

How we shape, hold shape, and release, determines the potential of our living space.

The human body is a microcosm of the energy system as well. How we nurture ourselves physically, emotionally, spiritually, reflects our state of health. What we eat, how we feel, our spiritual path, resides within us. When we surround ourselves with a well resolved, comforting physical structure, we support and affirm our personal vision of who we are and what we stand for.

But due to the demands of modern life, the lack of time and physical resources, we often find ourselves in circumstances that support tension, and not peace.

The Healing Home process emphasizes the positive qualities of your home and creates solutions to balance the negative qualities. The remedies are often about light, air, and smooth passage, such as: moving and/or enlarging windows; adding new doors and hardware that function well and are aesthetically pleasing. Well-planned storage areas eliminate clutter which can impede energy flow. Also making beautiful improvements to color and lighting impacts how we feel about the space we live in.

If we feel well, we are well.