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Posts tagged ‘the crew’

The Baker-San

Most esoteric and spiritual learning systems teach that we are – each of us – a perfect piece of the omni-creative God-force. Yet living in this karma-driven, 3D-reality demonstrates the need for a little “self-improvement”.

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Brothers at the Well

A conversation with a new acquaintance kindles the warmth of friendship and a sharing of common ideals.

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Who wants to lose?

Thoughts on craftsmanship, the trades, and the education of our youth.

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Sis, the Closet Queen

It's not what we are
but who we are
that matters most.

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“Almost Famous”

Reflections on a successful design partnership ...

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Let's go fishin!
Turned out you could take the boy outta the south ... but you can't take the south outta the boy.

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