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Posts tagged ‘prana’

Hiking Rabbit Mountain

Hiking on Rabbit Mountain, the air shifts to flow down the Divide – the cleansing power of our breath clears held toxins from our bodies. The word “refreshing” does not adequately describe the freshness this air brings!

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The Cowboy Camp

The home we live in
becomes another “skin”
with which we cloak ourselves.

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“Be more careful”

Uneasy with a circular saw, a mantra set a tone for mindful awareness.

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The On and the Off: Finding the muse

Creativity, experiencing nature, tapping the depths of your soul, photography ... and other regular stuff.

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Can you feel the vibe?

Our minds, emotions and intentions set the molecules of our homes in motion, storing and resonating their unique frequency.

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The energy of our homes

The energy of our homes is the energy of ourselves. This is not “energy” as in petrochemical propulsion but rather a subtle flow of “prana” or “chi”.

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