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Posts tagged ‘Oneness’

Strength in Numbers

The ripples of group mind and intention are being felt across the planet. You won’t hear about it on the nightly news. You’ve got to look for it in obscure places.

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Waking up to a new world

Solutions to the problems on the planet will come from creative spirit, intentions, and actions. Focusing our thoughts and desires to build a positive outcome will create that outcome. It is a question of attraction.

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The Highest Potential Good for All

The Earth is an extraordinarily complex scene of contrasts these days. It is important to pay attention to, but not be swallowed up by, all the dark stuff floating around you.

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The Onion Peel

2013 – The Year of the Onion – time to peel away karmic debts and welcome opportunities for growth.

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A New Journey

The Healing Home is my way of honoring all that I have learned in 35 years as a carpenter, builder, and designer – and joining it with my parallel passion as a devoted seeker in the healing arts.

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