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Posts tagged ‘fixer-upper’

The Home Office

In this small Connecticut home, both owners had local businesses that needed room to bloom. The obvious solution was to go up!

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Introducing INTUIT Design

Do you want to remodel your home? Perhaps you have ideas, but don’t quite know where to start. Now what you need is a creative partner to get the process going.

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All my relations

Sweat equity and creative vision restored this property from a state of decline; and a peaceful kingdom reigns!

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The Little Red House – design/build in action

This in-town vintage Colonial farmhouse has been renewed from top to bottom. It is a "big house within a small house" that has breathing room for a lot of living.

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This battle was lost, but the war goes on…

A beautiful new home was built. Now what to do with the old homestead? In the hope of preserving it, this couple decided to remodel and then sell the house where they had raised their family. Was it "happily ever after"?

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New windows let the light stream in

New windows bring natural light and beauty into our home.

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