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Posts tagged ‘balance’

Energetic Architecture meets Boulder Renovation

Recovery from the 2013 flood: a fresh design re-establishes a sense of calm ... creating an inviting sanctuary.

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When in doubt, go higher.

Sometimes I feel just like the girl on the bike… full of doubt, yet, also filled with an uncanny instinct to climb up high somewhere, just for the view. It is refreshing to see from above – the air is so clear!

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Who wants to lose?

Thoughts on craftsmanship, the trades, and the education of our youth.

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This battle was lost, but the war goes on…

A beautiful new home was built. Now what to do with the old homestead? In the hope of preserving it, this couple decided to remodel and then sell the house where they had raised their family. Was it "happily ever after"?

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A New Journey

The Healing Home is my way of honoring all that I have learned in 35 years as a carpenter, builder, and designer – and joining it with my parallel passion as a devoted seeker in the healing arts.

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