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Strength in Numbers

Barcelona-based photographer Xavi Bou

The ripples of group mind and intention are being felt across the planet. You won’t hear about it on the nightly news. You’ve got to look for it in obscure places.

I use my own intuitive search program that creates and attracts inter-connectivity in the realm of ideas … think of the phrase, “Ideas have a mind of their own.” This means that like every other thing in existence, ideas have signature vibrations that have a distinct effect on the “real” world.

The work of Masaru Emoto demonstrates the power of thought on the formation of water crystals. His book, “The True Power of Water,” is a simple yet monumental accomplishment. He clearly demonstrates the causal relationship between intention and creation. Wow!

You have heard that “like attracts like” and “birds of a feather flock together”. One day hiking in our local preserve, I saw the autumn gathering of starlings just before their southern migration – thousands of birds racing across the afternoon sky.

My search for like-minded humans working together has yielded some interesting results. For instance:

• #metoo! After the catastrophe of the Trump election 500,000 women and their supporters marched on the Mall in DC. “Anima Rising” to quote Joni Mitchell. These women are mostly of voting age… watch out!

• The first sign of the power of the Millennial Generation as they flocked to the Bernie rallies in 2016. A single bird actually landed on the podium at one of Bernie’s speeches, symbolizing the power of attraction!

• The recent climate strikes by millions of school-age children in cities across the globe. This generation has the power to change the course of history. They will speak TRUTH to Power.

• Thousands of Indian farmers are returning to ancestral organic farming methods after the devastating experience of GMO enslavement. A single acre of traditionally farmed land can produce more food than a family can eat, with the surplus going to the marketplace for trade and profit – the shame of debt to Agribiz no longer hanging over their heads.

• A village of women in sub-Saharan Africa pooling microloans to drill a community well. The net result is not succumbing to the control of water rights by Nestlé or Monsanto. This simple and profound act halts layers, generations, of indentured servitude. The women have now gained one of life’s greatest abundances … time. They no longer have to walk miles to the water source every day. The young girls could attend school; the women could develop cottage industries such as weaving, animal husbandry, create craft guilds.

• We have seen nascent political movements rising such as the Occupy Movement where solidarity cries out for balance and basic human rights.

• The teacher’s strikes across the country! Not for more money but for the right to balanced funding and education not driven by artificial testing standards and teacher evaluations.

• The Arab Spring, though a raw mix of politics, religion, and anger, signals the potential of global consciousness returning the power and largess of human endeavor back where it belongs – to the people.

Political dynamics are polarizing. Certainly, the reasons for change emerge from the need to alter the system from one of economic global colonialism to one that frees the human spirit to create lives of happiness and fulfillment.

Gandhi understood that he could not defeat the British by raising arms. It was through the awaking of mass consciousness that the sun finally set on the Empire. Very little blood was shed. “God rest the Queen.”

In the great movement of historical time, this happened quite recently – just in the last century. Other movements of immense change were occurring almost simultaneously: the march to Selma led by Martin Luther King; the breaking of apartheid in South Africa with Nelson Mandela; the tearing down of the Berlin Wall and the opening of the Soviet bloc.

Human beings working together. Like-minds with like-intentions can move beyond the current enslavement that is FEAR. Human beings electing the creation of a new way of living on this marvelous planet. The surge of creative empowerment using the opportunity in the ever-present now. This is the answer.

It is not about fighting injustice; more fighting is not what the planet needs. It is about caring for each other in microbursts of love and healing.

We can only move beyond limits by resetting the margins of imagination to include the emancipation of all beings.

With the creation of the World Wide Web, we now have in place a rudimentary global nervous system, a ganglion, which can respond and react quickly to movements and changes in the pulse of the planet.

A lot of the Web is a junk orbit. As we grew up into the computer age, the mantra of “garbage in, garbage out” heralded the parallel nature of computation and personal psychological organization. How we think, eat, and act instructs both our inner and outer worlds. As we become more aware that our personal preferences affect global neural pathways, more power constellates in the individual. It is similar to plugging into the electrical grid except the power is emotional and mental. A rudimentary group mind emerges heralding the potential of great change – the enhancement of something latent awakening.

Rusty Schweikert, the Apollo 9 astronaut, upon returning to Earth from the moon called this phenomenon “complexification.” I heard him speak one evening at Lindisfarne in New York City of the personal changes this vision of Earth portended. He worried that it would eventually become too complex, breaking down into disastrous consequences … that if we did not do something soon, it would be too late…

Let’s go back to Emoto’s experiments with water crystals. If the intention projected onto the water supports some higher ideals such as grace, or compassion, the crystal emerges as an elegant manifestation of the projected energy. Imagine the emerging, interconnected Earth crystallizing, becoming, under a grand intention, the Oneness of All Beings.

We have learned that the physics of the universe operates under the same laws on the micro sub-atomic level as on the macro-galactic level. The difference in the view of the manifest is always the result of perspective. We just have to get our minds around the bigger picture to see what the “complexification” really is: the Blooming of Global Consciousness. Like a super-saturated solution, where the addition of just one more molecule reveals the hidden molecular structure, we need to be adding our individual molecular emotive intention to the realization of the ideal – We are All One – and there is, of course, strength in numbers!

That day walking in the preserve, the starlings flew in from several directions following the natural course of the valley through the hills. At the end of the day, they roost in large trees making a scratchy cacophony. At night they disperse only to begin the Movement Mass again at sunrise.

The next surge of Human Migration will not be a physical uprising, although there are many people shifting locations these days. It will be, and is, a shift in vibrational octave. Seen from afar, imagine Rusty seeing all of the lights on planet Earth at night, the individual lights are following their natural compass, homing in on new places to express and settle, like so many starlings in the sky.

Photo Credit: Barcelona-based photographer Xavi Bou