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Design, Consultation and Mentoring
for Efficient, Enlightened Home Renovation

Nicholas Borrell specializes in:

  • DESIGN SOLUTIONS for home/townhouse/condo that emphasize the positive aspects and release the tired, negative limits of the existing space.
  • ADAPTING THE ENVIRONMENT TO FIT YOUR NEEDS. I design home offices, artist’s studios, and custom fabrications of all kinds. Anything you can imagine!
  • IMPROVEMENTS in the flow of the light, air, and spatial balance within your home which in turn supports robust personal and family health.
  • THE HEALING HOME works with local craftsmen and builders to bring your “Wish List” to fruition.


Are you planning to GC your own project?

Nicholas offers consultation-based support to balance the challenges of the home renovation process. Having a friend in the business – who knows what works – with an emphasis on quality, economy, and green efficiency is worth its weight in “gold.”

The Healing Home offers Owner Contracting Support Services. As a Mentor, Nicholas’ consultations take some of the pain out of “do-it-yourself” remodeling.

Are you still wrestling with concerns from the September flood?

Nicholas has a great deal of experience with water and structural issues. He will help to walk your site to help resolve your concerns. Read his article: How to remediate water problems in your home.

Are you selling a home?

Ask about practical strategies to maximize your home’s potential resale opportunity.

Are you considering the purchase of a home?

Nicholas will evaluate the structural and energetic limits of the house you are considering and highlight its potential. He’ll go with you to walk through the home before you buy.

With over 35+ years in the home design and construction, Nicholas has a unique ability to see the structure for what it is. He will present ideas to adapt the structure to fit for your needs, personality, and lifestyle.

Utilize his knowledge in lighting, mill work, stonework, hardware, tile and furnishings. His discrete, empowered, spatial design capabilities are a true asset to your design’s success.


”Where we live supports us and powers UP the potential for true health and happiness.”
– Nicholas Borrell