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New windows let the light stream in

Adding windows was the key to our success.

When Anne and I bought this “fixer-upper,” we loved the site, but in many ways the house was unlivable. Fortunately, it connected to town sewer and water, sat well on the small lot, and abutted a wooded area affording a surprising degree of privacy close to town.

Rear view of house from deck.


One of the first things I did was address the lack of natural light in the bedroom area. The orientation of the house and the lack of windows on the south and southeast side made for a very dark rabbit warren (sorry wabbits!) of rooms.

The rooms were small,  so we moved walls, removed/relocated closets, added French type doors to let the sunlight in and generally opened up the space.

The existing windows were adequate in size and the correct distance from the floor, so I simply duplicated them – adding new double/double hung units where there previously were none.

The result was wonderful morning sunlight and all-day ambient light in our bedroom and sitting room. And the flow of breeze from the improved air circulation was soft as a kiss in the summer time.

This was a pleasing solution to an obvious energy block.

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