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Introducing “The Medicine Bag”

The Shaman by Christian Grant

Everyday, we wake up and go about our business. We make decisions about how we behave, what we think, what we eat and drink, what we purchase. At each moment, we make choices that may be beneficial to our health and well being, some which may not.

Part of learning is recognizing what empowers us.

In the shamanic tradition, the Warrior/Healer carries a Medicine Bag at his/her side which is filled with amulets, potions, and power objects to aid in facing the challenges of life. It is in this sense that Anne and I named these pages The Medicine Bag.


We are living in a time of unsustainable waste and consumption.

As consumers, it is our right and our imperative to make enlightened decisions. We can choose to endorse mind-full products, movements, and industries that are:

  • Socially responsible
  • Inherently healthful (non-toxic pro-life force)
  • Biologically holistic (i.e. non-polluting & renewable and not depleting)
  • Performed in the intention of positive community building

What makes you happy?

What makes you feel good?

The articles that accumulate within these pages reflect our passion for fun, beauty, and balance. They are very loosely organized into the following areas:





Community building

Perhaps some of these ideas and products will find their way into your Medicine Bag.

We’d like to hear. Send us an email with your ideas!