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Home design and construction is client-driven

A craftsman builds a desk and bookcase.

Over the years I have learned that the most successful projects are cooperative ones where the client(s) bring their well-focused Wish Lists and creative energies to the task. This includes sharing accurate budget limitations and true priorities.

The designer and in turn the builder, working for the client, deliver a high-quality, timely, and professional product. Working in a straight forward manner yields the superior result.

A sun-kissed desk and bookcase is complete.

The finished desk and bookcase complete a little girl’s dream room.

My preference and my practice is to schedule regular face-to-face communication to discuss expectations, budget reviews/projections and quality concerns.

Email and phone methods are effective ways to communicate details and daily heads-up info, but are not a replacement for on site decision-making and the processing of progress-related issues.

Saying “thank you,” to the workers powers up positive group energy. It supports craftsmanship and ownership of the project to achieve the highest potential for all.