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Energetic Architecture meets Boulder Renovation


doorToBR-38For many households, the Colorado flood of 2013 was a challenging experience. In the aftermath of the storm, this Boulder homeowner chose to fully revitalize the lower level of her home which had been destroyed.

Energetic Architecture

My immediate decision was to go for “higher, more resolved energy” using details like rounded corners, big cove-like crown moulding throughout, clay-finished walls, and warm tones. These touches make the spaces flow into each other with purpose and integrity.

Our goal was to create a sense of sanctuary. Achieving this in a subterranean level – without it feeling closed-in – was the key to success in this project.

All the details matter. The lighting, hardware, carpet, tile, and doors, trim.

When I walk down the stairs and into this renewed space, the intangible becomes tangible. It feels really good to be here.

Safe and sound, at home.


Visit the Project page to learn more.