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Posts from the ‘imagery’ Category

Hiking Rabbit Mountain

Hiking on Rabbit Mountain, the air shifts to flow down the Divide – the cleansing power of our breath clears held toxins from our bodies. The word “refreshing” does not adequately describe the freshness this air brings!

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The Water Gods

Many times in my career as a house builder I have stayed awake at night listening to the pounding rain. These worries come with the territory. In my construction worldview, appeasing the Water Gods requires both prayer and practicality.

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The Highest Potential Good for All

The Earth is an extraordinarily complex scene of contrasts these days. It is important to pay attention to, but not be swallowed up by, all the dark stuff floating around you.

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Introducing “The Medicine Bag”

What makes you happy? What tools, products, thoughts, and actions help you to through the day? Here is a playful grouping of some of our favorites ... Just for fun.

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