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Can you feel the vibe?

The elegant front porch of an old Victorian home in Greenwich, Connecticut

All matter holds energy – this is simple physics. The shape, chemical composition, and temperature of an object determine the amount of energy held and released within it. An ice-cube, because the water molecules are moving/vibrating slowly, gives off far less energy than hot water. Two words here are very important: energy and vibration.

In the same way all matter holds and vibrates/pulsates, so does a physical structure, like a house. The history of activity and emotion of that house coupled with its shape, furnishings, and construction, create a its unique vibration. When I enter a structure I can feel the liveliness (think “life supporting”) – or lack of liveliness (think “depressing, stale”) present. I believe the physical structure holds and resonates the history of the lives lived in the building.

Renovating “Old Vic” – Bell Haven, Connecticut

Early in my career I had the opportunity to renovate one of the great old Victorians of Belle Haven, Connecticut. This house had been owned by the same family for generations and had been somewhat neglected at the end of their tenure. The previous owners had cleared out most of their stuff but as is typical of any renovation, we placed a large dumpster outside to be filled with the remaining debris and initial demolition wreckage.

Before all this began, I went to the property alone one rainy early spring morning to take measurements and get a “feel” for the place. At the time I was not fully aware of certain latent intuitive sensibilities I had … and I was unprepared for the shock of the accumulated psychic energy of all that family history. Walking up to the second and third floors became more and more challenging. This was definitely a “haunted” house. No, I did not see the specter of late Uncle Charles, or a rattling of chains, but the overpowering, challenging sensation was more than my young carpenter’s psyche could handle. I left, not returning until joined by other tradesmen and the comforting clamor of hammers and sawzalls!

I believe that consciousness affects matter in tangible ways.

This is not something little machines can measure. Yes, there is a branch of psychology studying the paranormal but I am talking about energy and vibration, not spoon bending or card reading.

When we buy a used car from someone who was an erratic and uncareful driver we buy a challenged molecular structure. It is possible to begin to repair this vehicle and slowly raise its frequency. Change the oil, clean the carpet, etc.

Our minds, emotions, and intentions set the molecules of our homes in motion, storing and resonating their unique frequency. When we take over a habitation where a family has lived for a generation, even if it has been cared for, we inherit as frequency, the lives they lived there.

Healing takes various forms. In remodeling, it may take touching every square inch of an old Victorian to set the matter in order.