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About Nicholas Borrell

Nicholas BorrellNow located in Lafayette, Colorado.

My two passions join in the joyful expression of raising the energy of the environments that surround me.

• An Architectural Designer with 35+ years of technical, practical, construction experience and know-how.

• A Holistic Practitioner with years of focused empathic/intuitive knowledge in the areas of homeopathy, flower essences, feng shui, nutrition, and hypnotherapy acquired through continual personal study and professional training.

Redesigning tired, old architecture to support and nurture its occupants requires an intuitive/empathic skill set.


I never apply a preordained template to determine what is right for a given situation. I know that even small or subtle adjustments in physical space improve one’s quality of life.

"The House Whisperer"This work is client-centered. I listen carefully to the energies of the building and of the person, and apply my skills to the task of powering up the health and happiness of the occupants within. I have been told, “Nicholas, you have changed my life.” Sometimes the release of stuck energy can be challenging. It is always exciting!

As a practitioner of Flower Essence Therapy, I have offered flower essences to some of my clients as an aid to dealing with the stresses of home remodeling. Some of these situations are described in the Flower Essence Society International Research Journal Online (Winter 2013), Opening up a Home opens the Psyche.

Alli Jaquith, on behalf of the Flower Essence Society, kindly stated that I am “… a pioneer in the field of therapeutic home remodeling.”  This exciting accolade humbles me deeply. My personal approach to integrating the interior and exterior worlds within the construction environment is unique, blending the concrete and intuitive.

I offer my services as a Design/Build Consultant and I enjoy sharing the healing properties of flower essences as part of the transformative process.

A note about Green Building Practices:

The Healing Home employs the ethos of “Green Building” wherever possible. I have learned that the most important “green” thing we can do is to let nature in. This means letting the building breathe through proper ventilation and to use the structural and visible power of natural elements to calm and balance our spirits.

I use stone, wood, and metal to ground how we feel when we are in “a space.” Natural elements are essentially non-toxic; they ameliorate stresses by grounding the design in textural balance.

For example: The view of fine stone walls seen through a properly sized and positioned window opens the mind to the “outer” world and all of its potentials. Why is this so? Because we feel our relationship to space as “limit” or “openness.”  It is in the balance of opposites that energy is released or held.

True “Green” supports the release of toxicity while holding the resonance of the healthful and joyful. Safe and sound at home.

The Healing Home is a creative collaboration …

Anne Borrell

Anne Borrell is the webmaster and graphic designer for The Healing Home.

Anne provides design, imagery, and editorial skills for our various online and print pursuits.

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