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A New Definition of Sustainability

A New Definition of Sustainability

When you feel good, your energy level is higher. It is easier to sustain performance, manage emotional states, and keep your spirit aligned with the goals you set for yourself. When your energy dips from the stresses of life, it becomes more difficult to manage output at higher levels. Maintaining health is about balance, love, nutrition, rest, and FREQUENCY.

We make many choices every day that either raise or lower our energy signature. On a physical level, drinking that next cup of coffee (knowing that too much caffeine could create a “crash” later on) is the sort of choice I am referring to. On the emotional level, choosing anger when encountering the slow driver is a lesser energy choice that puts us in a fighting mood initiating a cascade of biochemical chain reactions adding to stress on all levels.

In the same way, the choices we make about how we live on the planet contribute to a higher or lower planetary state. The old pattern, “What can I do? I am just one person…” pops up each time CHOICE arises in our lives.

How we manage our energy resources will decide the success or failure of the Human Being on Planet Earth.

Learning to manage our personal, sustainable, energy systems is the key to getting out of the mess we’ve made. The cumulative choice to a higher energy state lies in the merging of as many individuated paths as possible. So YOU choose: higher or lower?

Think of music when embracing sustainability.

The ability to sustain a note or chord creates an opportunity to weave complex harmonies out of pure resonance. For example, a concert hall amplifies resonance to blend voices or instruments, as each note moves outward and upward lifting the spirits of both musicians and audience.

Your choices are notes in a great performance of life.

Choosing a higher frequency and sustaining it by selecting higher opportunity down the lines of time is empowering.

Human beings have infinite creative powers. We are the stewards of all we take into our lives – caretakers, if you will, of the material substance of the choices we make. Where we shop, what we read, how much fuel we use, where we bank, how we vote, endless choice. It really isn’t a question of how much we need, but rather a question of how much we can sustain and still remain in balance. The resources of the planet are finite. The hunger for growth by all measures is unsustainable. At what point do you say to yourself, “Do I really need more?”

The musical note that is your personal frequency is probably better understood as contentment, health, and happiness; and these things are kinetically powerful – they actually create higher frequency energy.

When you travel through your life contacting all the animate and inanimate beings along your path, you convey i.e. “discharge” the potential of this energy state. Through some “loaves and fishes” alchemy, it replenishes itself discharging again and again. It creates a feedback loop, which spirals upward and is easy to sustain.

We all know what the “dark stuff” is: a short, non-comprehensive list would be hate, fear, violence, abuse, greed, slavery, jealousy, etc. Choosing actions along these lines breeds more of the same patterning. This energy path degrades rather than progresses. This is why much of what is happening on the planet is so dark.

The food we choose to feed ourselves is frequency as well.

Food grown in a Big Ag GMO pesticide-laden condition has very little life-sustaining energy. Food grown with love and joy in an organic environment has undeniable sustenance. Our bodies are, at root, energy transformers. We take in material nutrients, feed our intercellular energy-creating reactors and boost this energy field through intention, creativity, and action! Seven trillion cells as nuclear food reactors sustain the musical chord of abundant life. Through choice, we blast out of limit into a beautiful, sustainable future.

So, what frequency do you choose?

  1. David R. Philpot # Great blog today Nick. Acknowledge the old paradigm, and at the same time put more energy building the new one. We must honor the old ways, because they sustained us until WE collectively saw a new, more encompassing process that benefits all.

    January 22, 2014
    • nickANDannie #

      Thanks Dave. Love you!

      January 22, 2014

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