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A Louisville Colorado Farmhouse

As a young carpenter looking for work, I would see Want Ads such as:

Today as in yesteryear, getting the job done is as important for the builder as it is for the client.

My entry to my first project in Boulder County came at the near-completion stage of a new house in Louisville. The client needed fresh energy and decisiveness to make the last push – the decisions that “make or break” any project.

Addressing the long list of final details required by the builder, the homeowner and I researched and shopped for the elements that make a house truly great: the hardware, cabinetry, tile, lighting – especially lighting, and I guided their installation. The net result is unique and powerful, and comforting at the same time.

Fireplace and mantleWe left no stone unturned and the result shows it. Mastery in construction lies in attention to detail and this project had a great builder and fine attentive carpenters. When you walk in the front door, the high value of construction – from the windowsill reveals, to the hardware finishes, to the kitchen backsplash – creates a feeling of solidness and balance.

The final push to meet the move-in deadline included the final floor finish, carpets to be laid, tile and grout colors to be decided, the precious family heirloom stained glass panels to be hung, and then a total clean up. A big list. Then with some adept dovetailing between the movers and the last carpenter standing, the Farmhouse on Main Street was almost done … or “done enough” to move into.

Stained glass heirloom windows

I was fortunate to have the chance to enjoy this great house over the recent holiday … champagne flute in hand, fire roaring … and it felt wonderful. Congratulations to all!

Builder: John Fruth of Fruth Construction
Architect: Allen Harlow
Designer: Nicholas Borrell of The Healing Home
and a cast of conscientious, talented tradespeople.

Article continues: “A Farmhouse grows in Louisville.”