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Home as Sanctuary = Health and Well-Being

The Healing Home valerieBedroomis a
        Design, Consultation,
and Mentoring Service

        with Expertise, Practical Application,
           and Intuition 

The mission of
    The Healing HomeCurtis "Finished"
is to enhance your well-being
         by amplifying
the positive energy

           that surrounds you

How do you feel within your home?  Do your surroundings please you?  Do you feel grounded?

If your home environment holds or blocks energy – in the form of poor air circulation, temperature modulation, or awkward traffic flow – stagnant energy may result in emotional or physical discomfort.

By altering the architecture or improving the aesthetics of the living space, we will maximize the true potential of your home and well-being.

Attune yourself to the harmonic opportunities that reside within your home.

Symmetry.   Safety.   The hall and stairsColor!!!   Craftsmanship.
Health.   Harmony.   Home.

Let’s discuss your home and its energetic needs – and design your Wish List for the future. Let’s explore the design process and how we get from ideas to plans to construction and completion.

In prep for our conversation, email a couple of photos of your home, condo, or townhouse. Better yet, do a quick sketch of the floor plan denoting the “problem areas.” This does not need to exact, or pretty … just a sketch.

Be well,

Nicholas Borrell



Located in Lafayette, Colorado

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